An intense red wine with a slight sweetness good for sipping or with light spicy food.

Retail $10.00   Glass $4.00

The dark, rich texture of this wine gives way to red currant and blackberry notes with a luxurious finish of spice and caramel. SOLD OUT

Retail $22.00     Glass $6.00

This semi-sweet Riesling is tantalizingly floral with notes of apricot, citrus, and wildflower honey.  Great for sipping, or with turkey holiday dinners, chicken, salmon, Dover sole, and light spicy dishes.  Best when served slightly chilled.

Retail $14.00    Glass $4.00

Wine                            ​15 % Case Discount

Made from premium high altitude grapes, this wine is accented by notes of blackberry, plum and spice with mild tannins  and pairs well with lamb and beef.

Retail $16.00   Glass $5.00

Light and spicy with a hint of sweetness, this wine is good slightly chilled with appetizers or good just for sipping.

Retail $12.00  Glass $4.00

A very light, delightful Zinfandel that is balanced and can be enjoyed with variety of foods or just for sipping.  Delicate fruit and spice highlight this wine.

Retail $8.00  Glass $4.00

​​Coming Soon!  A rich, delicious winter wine - Tawny Port

With moderate tannins and notes of red berries, this wine is great with beef, veal, and lamb dishes or with chocolate and marzipan.

Retail $14.00     Glass $5.00